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Skip Weight Limits

Hiring a skip is a practical and cost-effective solution for collecting volumes of waste that are too large, bulky or heavy for disposal by conventional means such as using your domestic refuse bins or taking by car or van to your local recycling centre. Although before hiring a skip it’s always worth checking whether a man & van waste collection might be significantly cheaper. You can check the latest prices for different sizes and amounts of waste at this builder waste removal marketplace.

The waste generated by garden clearance jobs, such as soil, wood and stones, or the bricks, mortar, rubble and hardcore generated by a small building project can be significantly heavy so when you hire a skip it’s important to make sure that you order the size most suitable for the job and you are aware of how much weight a skip can hold.

How much weight does a skip hold? A simple rule of thumb

Skips are available in various sizes both for domestic and industrial use. The capacity of a skip is measured in cubic yards. As a rule of thumb, one cubic yard will contain up to one metric tonne (1,000 kilograms) of waste. Putting this into context, one metric tonne = roughly 340 standard house bricks.

The smallest skip available for hire – a Mini-Skip – has a capacity of two cubic yards and will therefore hold up to two tonnes (2,000kg) of waste. The largest skip generally for hire for domestic use – a large Builder’s Skip – has a capacity of eight cubic yards. Whilst large Builder’s Skips have been proven to be able to take a weight of up to ten tonnes, this is not possible in real-word usage because the combined weight of the full skip and the collection lorry would exceed legal weight limits. Therefore, a skip with a capacity of eight cubic yards will carry a maximum weight of eight tonnes.

It is vital to remember that when filling a skip, the load must be level. To ensure that you meet this requirement you should ideally choose a skip with a slightly larger capacity than you think the collected waste will require.

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