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Skip Permits

Skip licenses explained

Before putting a skip on any public highway (which includes roads and pavements), you will need to have a skip hire permit, sometimes referred to as a skip license. If you do not have a skip permit, your skip can be removed without notice and you may also be liable to a fine. Note that if you have space to put your skip on private property (for example in a driveway or yard), no permit is necessary.

Councils issue skip permits

Skip permits are available from your local council. Most councils allow the skip hire company to apply for the skip permit on your behalf but a few require the person hiring the skip to order the skip permit directly. Check with your council to see what their skip permit process is. It often takes at least 4 days to arrange a skip permit, so remember to allow for this in your planning.

How much does a skip permit cost?

The cost of a skip permit varies according to where you are in the country and also how long you want to put the skip on the road. Skip permits tend to last for 1, 2 or 4 weeks and can be renewed for an additional fee. The average cost of a skip permit is around £30. Bear in mind that most skip companies will also add a small mark-up on to the price of the permit to cover their administration costs

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