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Skip Hire Company Recycling

Many of the waste household and garden materials that are put in a skip as a result of DIY projects or home and garden clearances can be recycled. When choosing a skip hire company it’s worth checking out the nature of their materials recycling policy.

The majority of reputable and approved skip hire companies will collect your waste and transport it to the most convenient waste recycling centre for appropriate disposal. Some of the largest skip hire companies now also possess their own on-site recycling facilities, allowing them to responsibly sort and recycle materials including building aggregates, soil, wood, paper, cardboard, metal and plastics.

Waste materials that cannot be recycled are often used as industrial fuel.

Why recycling skip waste is important

Landfill – the process of transporting waste materials to sites at which they can be buried has become an increasing environmental issue in recent years as waste continues to mount and space in landfill sites decreases. Skip hire companies that offer waste recycling facilities are reducing the burden on landfill sites, reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions and saving energy by enabling the re-use of existing raw materials, lowering the need for the production of new materials.

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