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Garden Rubbish Clearance

It’s amazing just how much waste even a modest-sized garden can generate, but if you’re a keen gardener, if you’ve just moved to a new house with a garden that’s severely overgrown, or if you’re thinking about completely re-turfing your lawn you should be thinking about hiring a skip to cope with your garden rubbish clearance.

Why hiring a skip is a good idea for garden rubbish clearance

Simple garden maintenance, particularly in spring and autumn, such as mowing the lawn, pruning shrubs and trees and weeding flowerbeds can amass more waste than your ordinary domestic bin can cope with. If you’d rather avoid the hassle of transporting black bags full of messy garden rubbish to and from your local recycling centre by car, hiring a skip is a quick, convenient and cost-effective alternative which makes the process of garden rubbish clearance so much easier and less time-consuming.

For larger garden projects such as tree removal, lawn-returfing, shed clearance and minor garden building works a skip is indispensable. Where significant amounts of garden waste are likely to be generated it’s a good idea to hire a skip that’s slightly larger than you think you’ll need for your garden rubbish clearance. This is because, in most cases, economies of scale apply to skip hire – as the skip size increases, the cost per cubic yard of capacity decreases. In the long run, it’s far more cost-effective to under-fill a larger skip than it is to overfill a smaller skip and have to hire a second skip: don’t forget – a skip must be filled levelly.

Garden rubbish clearance could pay towards the cost of skip hire

Depending upon the nature of your garden rubbish clearance project you could, in theory, make money from it. If you are removing mature trees from your garden, they can easily be converted into logs with a chainsaw and sold as fuel for wood-burning stoves or open fires. If you’re clearing out a shed, be sure to think twice about throwing away items that might be sold for a few pounds at a car boot sale – it’s surprising how often one person’s junk can turn out to be another’s treasure. For example, many people nowadays make money from ‘upcycling’ furniture: restoring old, abandoned or damaged furniture and making it desireable again. It’s worth a thought before you put those old and unwanted wicker garden chairs in the skip…

How to get the maximum value from your skip when clearing garden rubbish

If your garden rubbish clearance is going to produce a mixture of ‘green waste’ – i.e. organic material such as grass, leaves, twigs and branches, clippings, weeds etc. as well as other kinds of garden rubbish it’s a good idea to separate them out. You can gain the maximum value from your skip hire by compressing green waste as much as possible so that it takes up less skip space. Green waste should be compressed, bagged and placed in the skip first: heavier items placed on top will help to compress green waste further, saving more skip space.

Separating your green garden waste from other rubbish will also make life easier for your skip hire company when it comes to disposing of the waste from your garden rubbish clearance appropriately.

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