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Removal of Office Waste

The closure, relocation or refit of an office is likely to result in the production of a wide array of waste items for recycling and disposal, including redundant office equipment, non-sensitive paperwork, furniture and possibly even fixtures and fittings such as carpet tiles, or suspended-ceiling tiles. For larger office waste removal jobs, hiring a specialist office clearance contractor can be an expensive proposition when compared with the ease and practicality of hiring a skip and doing the job yourself. However, office waste removal is not a job to be taken lightly and some prior thought and planning is required if the project is to be carried out smoothly and effectively.

How to tackle office waste removal: a practical step-by-step guide

As with any project, the key to effectively dealing with office waste removal is to break the process down into individual steps and to ensure that everyone involved knows what they should be doing. Here’s our practical guide to the steps that should be taken to ensure the success of your office waste removal project.

1. Identify and separate office waste from everything else

If you’re tackling office waste removal as a result of an office closure or relocation you should be able to separate the office contents into three distinct categories: items that should be kept, items that may be sold and waste items that can be placed in a skip. It’s a good idea to start by ensuring that everyone knows the distinctions between these three categories in order that items of value do not get thrown into the skip as part of office waste removal.

2. Work out the skip size, quantity and hire period required

As a result of step one, you should have a feel for the amount of office waste that needs to be collected and disposed of. This should allow you to estimate the size and number of skips you require and the period for which you will need them. Skips for commercial hire range in capacity from two cubic yards (which equates to around 20 to 30 standard black bin-bags full of waste) to twelve cubic yards (100 to 120 full bin bags). If you are hiring large skips for office waste removal, bear in mind that unless they are completely sited on private ground you will require a skip permit (valid for up to 28 days) from your local authority. Some skip hire companies can arrange this for you. When determining the required skip-hire duration it’s sensible to add an extra day’s skip hire to your estimation of how long office waste removal is likely to take as this will cover you for any unforeseen problems and lessen the likelihood of a race against time to fill your skips.

3. Obtain quotes from local licenced skip hire companies and order your skips

It’s vital that the skip hire company you choose for your office waste removal is licenced by the Environment Agency as an Approved Waste Carrier. You can normally obtain a list of licensed skip hire companies from your local authority or by contacting the Environment Agency direct. It’s then a case of phoning around your local skip hire firms to obtain the price and service level that suits your needs best. Most skip hire companies will be able to deliver your skip within twenty-four hours of receiving your order; some will even deliver the same day if your request is made in time. Certain items cannot be placed into a skip for health and safety reasons; if you are in doubt about the suitability of any of the items that have been earmarked for office waste disposal, your skip hire company should be able to advise.

4. Fill your skip with office waste safely and sensibly

Once your skip or skips have been delivered you can begin your office waste disposal in earnest. For safety, you must ensure that skips are loaded levelly and that no items protrude from a skip in such a way that they may be hazardous to individuals. You should also ensure that your skip is visible at night; your skip hire company may provide fluorescent cones and light-beacons for this purpose and the skip itself should bear reflective strips and markers. Once a skip is full, it’s simply a case of phoning your skip hire company to collect it, and your office waste removal project is done.

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