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Skip Bags

Skip bags are a convenient and lightweight alternative to traditional metal skips for the easy disposal of waste generated by household or garden clearances or simple home renovation or DIY projects. Skip bags are made from extremely durable but lightweight plastic and are delivered flat-packed, which means that they can be stored until you are ready to use them.

How much waste does a skip bag hold?

Once unpacked a typical skip bag can has a volume of 1 cubic yard and will carry up to 1 tonne of household or garden waste (two skip bags will hold the same quantity as a mini-skip, the smallest conventional skip for hire). Unlike conventional skips, you can keep a skip bag for as long as it is needed. Once you project is complete and your skip bag is filled, you simply call the skip bag hire company and they will collect your skip bag and dispose of the contents. The bag itself will then be recycled.

Is there any waste I can’t put in a skip bag?

Just like conventional skips, skip bags can be used to dispose of general household waste such as wood, metal, green waste, plastic, paper and cardboard and waste from smaller DIY projects. You cannot put into a skip bag hazardous or harmful materials such as asbestos, any liquids, anything explosive (such as gas canisters), fluorescent tubes, tyres, medical waste, TVs or computer monitors. If in doubt about whether a waste item can be placed in your skip bag, contact the skip bag hire company or your local authority.

What are the benefits of using skip bags?

Among the many benefits Skip bags offer are:

  • Skip bags can be kept for as long as you need them
  • Easier placement and storage on your property means there’s less chance that you’ll need a local council skip permit
  • Skip bags will not mark or damage block-paved driveways
  • Skip bags can often be used where limited access makes conventional skip hire impossible
  • Skip bag collection can be arranged quickly, with no need for anyone to stay at the premises when collection takes place.
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